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Believe That Anything Is Possible.

"Real Talk: I struggle to pay for our Motivational Events because they are free... It seems like the bigger they get, the less donations I get. Why? I don't know why? Like Les Brown would say: "I don't know why life is set up this way." But I want you to know that no matter how hard it gets for me I always find a way by asking, working, praying, believing... My huge success is coming. I know that! You may question my financial status, but I told you, guys, before - I am successful because I am happy. I am successful because I love what I do. I am successful because in spite of all the challenges I have gone through in my life I keep my head up. Yes, let me quote Les Brown again and again: "If life knocks you down, try to lay on your back because if you can look up, you can get up!" Think like I do. Believe that anything is possible. I am a living proof to that. My money situation is only now getting better, but my dream has been enormous since I was a little girl when I met my first Americans doing mission work in my mother's orphanage in Ukraine. Even though I lost my dream for a decade, it is finally shining bright again. No matter how little donations I may get, I am grateful for it and I will not stop believing that my cause is greater than money. Money is just the way to pay for the tools we need. The dream is priceless. Faith is priceless. Human mind is priceless! Please believe! Please pray. Please don't stop. When I started my motivational speaking career I had $240 in my account I couldn't spend because I had to keep it to pay for my "little" quarterly business tax. I even had to humble myself so much and go to church to ask for food... Look at me now: 11 free public events from the heart later ($1 ticket event the last minute I wasn't allowed to charge by the venue) and still going strong. I have a dream. I'll always have a dream till the day I die. Even if I lose it, I'll find it again. I believe God will provide. He always does! Please find the power within to believe, take a consistent action and watch your life change for the better... Do you believe?" Marina Amdream.

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