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Burst Your Ideas Open, Take Action & Create A Euphoria Called "A Good Place."

"Today I want to talk about something that does not happen very often to me - being in a good place. The more I write to you, the more feedback I get, the more I am taking your deeper on this journey with me. Finally, for the first time no one dictates me what I may or may not say. Frankly, it's a scary place to be, but this is the risk that I am taking, and I am taking you with me all the way to the top...

People like and hate honesty at the same time. Being raw makes people think, makes them compare, makes people scared & in the end it makes them come to their own conclusions that whether going to help their inner ego or destroy it. I hope to take you far along on this journey with me you have never been on. Just trust me and enjoy the ride.

It requires believing that it's worth your time and that the light is near. It requires you to take action after you read my words. I don't want you to just read and go insane in your room without achieving your dreams. I am out here real with you, so you could take the next step. I painting a masterpiece with words in your mind that only you can see. I want you to take it and mount in on top of a worldwide gallery called life. Do it with me, baby. I am not holding back, so you can make a difference in your own life. I believe in you if no one else believes....

Now let me take you to a good place. Often times I plant a dramatic picture in your mind painting a dark black hole that you may not be able to get out of on your own. I may spark thoughts that may or may not help you move forward. I may scare you or make you cry because I bring the worst memories. You may not know what to do with what I say, but trust me it all has a point. We write this music of life together. Always read what I say till the very end because it always has a good encouraging ending, so don't give up. It gets better... It really does!!

Today we are going to focus on the good place when we breath happy, when the light seems bright around us, when we feel like we can actually can do it when just yesterday we felt like our life was over. Today we declare a good day. I feel so good today. The words are flowing out of me like water, and I can't seem to write enough. I am happy. I feel good about what I do. I feel like the future is looking bright, and I am finally living out my destiny. I also strongly believe that the universe is finally is lining up with my vision.

I had to die inside first to completely rebirth with a lot of pain into a complete new creature. Everything that has ever happened to me finally makes sense. I am feeling the air filling out my lungs, and it finally feels fresh not polluted. I am realizing my dreams I am creating are coming true, and I want you to get to this place with me. Maybe not at first. It's the place that when you are there you just know it's the one..

They say: "You can't make it after 30" -

prove them wrong! The say: "You can't make it as a woman!" - prove them wrong. They say: "You can't make it an immigrant, ugly, short, poor, from a small town, no Drs degree, no status!" - prove them wrong!!! Get to such a good place that they can't argue that you are doing what you are born to do!!! Love yourself, all of you for once like no other. Wrap your hands around yourself literally or figuratively and say to yourself loud: "No matter your mistakes, I love you....." Today is the day you can choose to live. Today is the day you start anew. Why not you??

A good place for me is when it finally feels right doing what I love, when no past or future mistakes or any boundaries stop you from being where you are meant to be. Today is the day where you can finally execute your dreams not because you are the smartest, but because you are the bravest, not because you are the richest in money, but because you are the richest in passion, not because you are the most famous in likes, but because you are the most famous in your actions. You do stuff when they are not watching. You do stuff when they are struggling to come up with anything. You do it when no one believes, but your faith is stronger than anyone's. You do it when they want you to fail, but they don't matter because you are in a good place. And THIS place will take you to be a part of a musical everyone wants to give a standing ovation to...

You want to be a worldwide superstar?? Follow my path: do stuff that no one expects you to do!! Explore, create, invent, don't obey the rules. Use common sense, but always listen to your gut. After all you are the only one that knows your vision. Today is the day that your good place helps you break through your own doubts and fear. Come on, baby. When they say: "Don't!!!," you do it more, harder, better. Today is the day you start writing your own play called successful meaningful life. We are taking charge of our destiny together. You take or leave it. You do or you die. Open your mind to possibilities. You are exceptional. Please believe me. I was lost for about 12 years in my mentally disturbed mind. I am coming out stronger than ever. I had to lose it to help you find it. I am taking you along with me.

You are here on this Earth for a reason. Life is one. Live it now. Do something. Go create, learn, always get better, love yourself like you are the only thing that gives your pleasure. You are the only one that must make sense to you. Why not take all of you and bring you up to a pedestal of a glorious, victorious, good place. I can help you spark an idea, and you are the only one that can take you to the stars. Why? I just don't know where you want to to go. You do, baby. That's all.

Take your thoughts, build a road map using them and just go, go, go to build an empire of winning. Can you only imagine the possibilities of euphoria called "a good place" you can create?? Are you feeling it? I know you do.. I wish you the best place you can possibly imagine. Imagine it, believe, take action & finally experience it... Why not you?" Marina Amdream

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