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Can You Win Your Dream In This World?

"When you find your dream, people for some reason start hating on you, trying to examine every word you say under a microscope and better yet talk behind your back "the most amazing" stories. To that I say: "Work so hard that they won't even be able to handle it." Like my good friend says: "If they talk to you badly or behind your back, you got their attention!" It means you are doing something right! Keep dreaming big, my friend. Focus on the good. Don't let their little action and too much talking stop you from achieving your goals. In the end of the day: "May The Best One Win!"

Pictures are of me and my dream venue in North Little Rock, AR. I want you, guys, to know that this venue is just an example. My actual dream venues are ALL biggest venues in the world!!! If you dream as big as I do, I am sure you understand:) Let's show them what we are made of." Marina Amdream

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