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Change your posture and see how it makes a difference

"Today I want to talk about posture. It may be my first PG - 13 post, but I assume most of us out here are adults.

What I am learning (and I am sure some of you know this) is that posture is very important for success of anything. It is important not just in your business, school, acting career, when you have to meet someone, talk, present something, etc. It's also important in your behind the scene life.

Have you ever been in a depression?? I know I have: for the last 12 years it's been my on and off story. What do you or me do when we are in depression?? What I usually do is I roll myself into a ball, let my mind tell me how everything is bad, pray to God and ask Him: "Why me?? Help me!!" I breath very shallow and most of the time I cry because I don't let myself to talk to anyone. What have you noticed here related to what we are talking about?? My straight confident open posture is non-existent. By rolling myself in a ball I am actually reinforcing the depression. It's like adding fuel to it. Instead I must open my chest and stand up straight to slowly feel better.

Also, what I noticed about myself is that when I was skinny I was more successful. Well, that's not a very smart thing to say - I know. Hear me out. What was different about me (and sorry: men may not relate) was that when I was skinny and I had a small chest I could hold my chest nice and straight with no shame. (Ladies who put on weight may understand what I mean). Now since I have a bigger chest I am literally embarrassed on a daily basis to keep my chest up. So what do I do?? I slouch. Again my good beautiful posture is non-existent most of the time which not that smart on my part. I definitely should stop being embarrassed to have a good posture because of my body. I am working on that.

Now as you see two of my examples how I get myself into a bad posture. Why should I change it you ask?? Well, I am learning that posture makes a huge difference in what results we get in life. If you open up your chest you have less doubt, fear, low self-esteem, etc. It makes a huge difference in the way you present yourself, how optimistic you are and how prone you are to take action.

Now as I tell myself that "I must succeed," I try to consciously make myself to open my chest, sit or stand straight. It makes all the difference. It does not just look beautiful, it makes you feel better. That's why I am a firm believer in changing your posture, changing your life type of concept because it really does. The next time you slouch think to yourself positive thoughts and stand/sit straight. See what happens next. I hope it will make the situation, your attitude, the outcome, etc. a little better. You can do it!!! Why not you??" Marina Amdream.

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