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Choose who you spend time with wisely

"They say: you are who you are with. I take this expression to heart although I am hardly ever with a lot of people. It's ironic: I know. However, sometimes I do get to spend time with some people who I learn from or network with and this makes a lot of difference in my life.

I have noticed that when you are around people that make you better in some way, it leaves you feeling happy and recharged. Like today I have spent time with some of the wisest people I know. After that I felt amazing. Although I hardly ever spend time with anyone, every time I do I see so much benefit in doing that.

I advice you to be in a company of someone who can contribute to your personal or career growth. Don't waste a lot of time on people who don't have goals and just like doing nothing, but talk, eat, drink, dance, whatever. I get that sometimes it maybe good to unwind. But if this is your company at all times, be careful because you may become just like them: no goals, no dreams, just "fun" that leads you nowhere.

My time is valuable. I choose people I am around wisely. I like being with people who at times are a lot older than me who can teach me something. Like today I had dinner with a couple of 33 years who taught me a lot about relationships and that positivity is a choice. I love that!!

Sometimes I meet people who are so empty that try to get information from me and then apply it in their own businesses. That's one of the reasons I don't spend a lot of time with randoms anymore because I have been hurt so many times. It may sound contradictory, but now it's just me and a few people I know I can trust and learn from. And when I say: "learn from" I don't necessarily mean to learn something to apply in my businesses. I mean learn something to become a better person. At this point of my life being a better person is my main priority because the better I get, the more people I can help.

I just love wise people. I want to be like them when "I grow up." I advise the same for you. Be a part of a circle that teaches you, not makes you less than smart. And see how your life changes. I also believe if you want to be rich and successful, you must be around rich and successful people even to just get inspired by their actions. And then you never know: you may even do business together:)

My home assignment for you today is: assess people who hang out with. Are they making you better or are they "time wasters?" If it's the former, maybe you should cut the time you spend with them and find someone who would actually contribute to your growth. I hope this gave you some ideas of who you should be around with. In the end of the day it's your choice:) Make it a good one!!" Marina Amdream.

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