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Don't hold back,baby!

"999 likes on this page and like some of my idols Shane Dawson. and Jeffree Star Cosmetics would say: "There is still so much tea. I am bloated!" Do you want some?? Let me warm it up for you, dreamers. We are going in no hiding. You take it or spit it out. U should keep tasting it. You may come out better than you came. Just try it... No obligations:)

My whole life has been being allowed to say and do what my mother says, what my schools dictate, what my ex would put in my mouth. Now as I am breaking all the barriers, I am building a story like no other: honesty, realness, passion and constant hard work - secrets to my success. Do the same, and you'll get a shot to shine in this world for sure. Just try it... No obligations.

Today I want to talk about holding back. Why does our society dictate us what to be and what say?? I hate it, but I obey it... for the most part. I love the laws though. That's about it. The human rules - I am very rebellious toward them. I like creating my own rules. I am at a point of my life when I am ready to enforce what I want and inspire others to do the same. "Do you" - people like saying. So, why not to do you??

Life is short. If you are reading this, you may want a change. You can wait for a dream that may never happen, or you may act now without holding back and see if you can make your dreams come true. When I say "holding back" I refer to everything that prevents you from living a life you want: being yourself, doing what you want, saying what you want, being where you want, being around who you want. Does it sound like a dream?? Exactly! Start building it. It maybe hard and risky at first. But in the long run when you start reaping rewards of your labor, it will feel damn good. I know: what I do now finally makes me feel good:) I want the same for you!!

So, don't hold back: don't hold your passion, your talents, your knowledge, all your unique attributes that makes you you. We all have something that no one else has. Can you imagine if we never held back our gifts because of fear, doubt, lack of self-esteem, etc.?? We may conquer a global warming or opioid crisis by now. These are just examples, but the point is: I want you to go ahead and use your gifts to help millions of people that may benefit from what you have to offer, but you keep holding it back. Just step outside in the rain (if you can), wash up your pain, worry and fear. Go inside, put a canvas of your dream in front of you and start painting it stroke by stroke. Do it slowly, but consistently, without a doubt knowing that it will take you to a place you could have never imagined. And when you are at the top, you'll smile to yourself, take a deep breath and think: "I am glad I didn't hold back..."

I want this for you. I wish you an ultimate satisfaction from your accomplishments. You'll never experience it if you keep holding back. So, don't. I don't. Successful people don't. You are here now. Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?? Be the best at what you want, and you will get what you are born to have. Just don't hold back. Be a featured artist of your own gallery called a dream life. Why not you?" Marina Amdream

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