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Don't sit around, get up and do

"I am poor. In fact some people may say "dirt poor." To give you an example: I don't own my own house yet. (Yet!:)) I even had one hater writing me: "How can you motivate people if you are broke??" Well, first, it depends how you define richness. If you are googling my net worth on the internet, you are not going to find me yet. (Yet!:)). If you get to know me, you'll know that no matter how hard my life may get financially temporarily, I consider myself rich in happiness, passion, love, people, faith, giving, feedback, etc. Do you want to argue about a true definition of wealth?? Jk, let's not argue. We all define it differently because various things are important to us. Let's talk about today's point:)

I am laying on my recliner as usual and noticing saying to myself in my mind: "I keep sitting and thinking how to be rich." And it hit me!!! This is exactly what I do all the time and a lot of people as well!! We sit; we think; we wonder; we ponder; we examine; we brainstorm; we wish; we, we, we.... Basically, we (including me) spend so much time thinking and doing nothing that we don't realize that for the most time we waste the time. Have you ever just sat there and thought for a long time what you could have, should have, would have or can do, should do, will do. Talking to myself and you: "GET UP!!!"

Once the thought above hit me this is exactly what I did: I got up and went about my day. Had breakfast while watching a motivational video and sat down writing this post. I am thinking (sorry again thinking. I think a lot) if I am good at writing, I must write till I am not able anymore. Someone asked me not long ago: "Why don't you write a book, like a memoir?" I said: "I have tried to write a book at least 20 times, and I never finish it. I hope one day to get noticed by a publishing company because if you are under contract, you have to finish. As for now I am just practicing my writing."

If this is what I said and meant, I must practice writing a lot. They say: "Practice makes perfect." So, I write these snackable bite pieces of posts to give you, guys, an idea of what to expect in a book if I ever publish it. It helps me to get better in my writing. Hopefully, it helps you in soooooo many different aspects of your whole life:)

Back at you. If you are good at something. Practice! Don't think about how to be rich. Practice and practice to become rich. Once people finally realize you bring value and you work hard at doing it, they will follow and pay you, frankly, anything for it. How do I know?? History! Although I am not able to use my own example yet (yet!:)). I am so able to mention Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and so many others. Successful people have mastered bringing value by practicing their skills daily and doing what they love constantly, not too much thinking about it. Can we model what they do??

Here we go. "Poor" me and upcoming successful you let's do less sitting and wondering and doing more of what we love. Let's become the best at what we do, compete with others like it's an award winning ceremony every day and never stop growing it. Once we get there let's never stop giving. This is, my friend, how I am planning to finally buy a house or stop being called "poor." This is, my friend, I hope you can reach your dreams whatever they are. And if it's becoming wealthy. Awesome!!! Just don't forget to mention me somewhere, so your people could get my book that I'll publish one day, right??

This post has been a lot of confessing, thinking, talking, wishing, comparing, promising, asking, etc. Can both of us just go and actually implement any of the above?? Yes we can! Why?? Because we can't live as we are now!!! People always change for the better. I believe you and me can change and become better. Do you? Let's go and become better together! Why not you??" Marina Amdream

"Please come to a Transformational Motivational Night that will be on Nov 21st, 6-8pm at UAPB Student Union Lounge - 1200 University Dr., Pine Bluff, AR. If you can, please make a donation at Cash App $MarinaAmdream to help me make this event happen. Thank you!" Marina Amdream.

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