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Everyone Is A Model. Get Inspired By My Story

"I have always wanted to be a model. When I was in Ukraine I have never heard of being a plus size model or even a petite model. Today in the world of social media it blows my mind that everyone is a model!! I feel like I am living a dream... literally. Like am I even awake that I can take a picture and at least one person can see it instantly?? How awesome is that? When I was younger and wanted to be a model I was sick anorexic and very skinny. These days I am much bigger, but I am healthier.

The funny thing is that I finally take pictures when I am at my worst weight, but I feel the best!!! I am not planning on stopping anytime soon even if no one likes the pictures I take, I like them! My photographer Emro Videos & Photos - likes them! People I take pictures with like them! And from time to time I get an amazing feedback from you, guys! And that's what makes me happy! In fact, I feel so happy right now that I am my own model that I can't hardly handle it:) I love my pictures so much that I feel like I am living a real dream. Thank you for looking at my pictures!! Whether brands or magazines will ever notice me it's a big question. lol. On majority of the pictures I don't wear any makeup and my hair was brushed only once. I am not good at styling either:) But I and my team loves the pictures, the experience and your feedback, and it makes me so happy! Thank you!

That being said: "Do you!" Do what makes you happy. If I waited for people's approval of what I do, I would never be where I am today. I am here, and I am loving it!! I love the place I am today, and the sky is no limit where I can go. I want to be your inspiration to go for your dreams. Take that risk!! I love taking risks. (Do use common sense though. I am not responsible for your actions or outcomes.) Half of the time I am scared of myself:) You guys know how "crazy" I can get - in a good way:)) But doing what I love, even if it involves taking risks, has made me so much happier, stronger, more accomplished and most importantly the most useful to the society. I am proud of who I am, what I have accomplished and where I am going. I have only one life. You are too!! Why not to make it useful? Shall we? Good job on everything! You can do it!! Why not you??" Marina Amdream

P.S. Picture with my new sister Ms. Crystal C. Mercer, Little Rock, AR.

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