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Fight the words, fight the thoughts

"I am always so afraid to post pictures from my events because I am so afraid of judgement. People expect people to just wake up and be successful or better yet most people love seeing others fail. I want to be an example of living a dream and how hard it is to get there. That's why in spite of my fears I am sharing with you the room pictures from yesterday's event. I also want you to see the difference between a hater and my own negative voice and then a supporter and my own self-loving voice. Let me know if you battle any of your negative thoughts, fear of judgment and a thought of being considered a failure. We must be honest with each other to grow into a person we must become. Here is my honesty:

A hater and my own negative voice in my head would say: "She is a loser!! How can she be a motivational speaker?? No one comes to her events!!

A supporter and my own self-loving voice would say: "WOW!!! She did that!! Her first motivational event in Little Rock, AR in such a huge room. Look at all these people who came!! Good job!! Keep pushing!!"

A hater and my own negative voice: "She did a terrible job promoting this event!! Of course, she did. She is poor and has no money to put on a successful event!!! Loser!!"

A supporter and my own self-loving voice: "Good job for trying!! It's hard to create an interest in anything these days when people are pulled in so many different directions via burst of social media. Yes, she may not have a huge budget yet to promote the event, but she will. I believe in her!!!"

A hater and my own negative voice: "This is what she had?? She needs to give up, fail and forget this dream of hers. She is good for nothing. She has only two bachelor degrees, no money in her account. Why would anyone listen to her?? She is broke, she is a stupid immigrant who brings no value to this society. She must just die and to not waste air on this Earth!! A complete loser and failure. Everyone needs to delete her, block her, never talk about her or if you do, only say negative stuff to make sure she never does well in anything. Destroy her because she is worthless!! Bye, girl!!"

A supporter/my self-loving voice in my head:

"This is amazing!! So many precious souls in the room: wonderful speakers, hosts and guests!! She spends her last money to buy food, door prizes and tokens of appreciation for speakers and hosts. She pours out her heart to help people for free. She gets better and better every time she puts on events like this!! This is so admirable!! Good job, girl!! Never stop to live your dream!! Like Bible says: "Your gift will make room for you!"" You have room on this Earth!! You are a winner just by being here. You are loved and supported by many. Do what you believe God wants you to do!! And thank you!!"

...As you see the haters and supporters, my bad and good voices are different. What it does prove is that we are all human!! We struggle every day to make it in reality and in our minds. We may have good days and bad days. One thing is certain: if we still have a day right now, it's our duty to use it to the best of our ability. Are we going to be perfect?? NO!! But we all can do our best and hope for the best.

To finish up this post I say "I am happy!!" I am happy that God, Universe, people, whoever allow me to do what I finally know I am born to do. I speak, I write, I grow and I do believe that God is on my side. Whatever negative words or thoughts that come my way I must fight them with my whole being. I must focus on the positive to keep going because if I don't, I would rather die. I have only one life. Why not to use it for the good, for focusing on the good and for doing the good.

Today is a good day!! Can you feel it?? If not, walk outside and find something to smile about: a flower, fresh air, hope for the future... There is always something that can help you enjoy your life a little more each day. I hope my journey will inspire you thrive!" Marina Amdream.

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