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Find a way to decompress & improve your life

"It's been a month since I have written you a long post? Why? Because I have been so focusing on making deadlines with my active business Emro Videos, Photos & Marketing. Book me! - I had a great meeting yesterday with someone. I shared with her that it's quite hard to make it in a big city because it's so competitive. I loved what she said: "It will manifest itself." That's the attitude I am having. As I always say to you: "Cash is coming!!"

What I have also done different this month is accepting my mental health problem anxiety. It's a tough thing to say publicly when you are a motivational speaker. But those who have been following me from the very beginning know that my honesty is what makes me real and in the end helps the most people. Here is what I have been actively doing this month and I can finally say: "I found a way to manage my mental issues & anxiety. I hope to help others using it from now on."

I believe the main thing for everybody is to find a way to decompress. I am in no way an expert, but the main reasons of any mental issues are unexpected trauma, stress and demands of life. The key word here is "unexpected." If you accept that life is a lot for the good, but most of the time is full of unpredictable moments that not everyone is ready for, then it can be easier to deal with it. What we must focus on is not on the moments themselves, but how we react to them.

You may say: "Marina, are you crazy?? I lost my grandma who raised me when I was very young?? Now I feel alone in this world and loveless. I have forever trauma. How can I ever really move past it??" The answer is: "You can't." You will always have memories of what happened to you that you did not like. You will always have to deal with stress & demands of life. But the solution here, as I said before, is how you react to things.

I found a way for myself out of helplessness of a situation which is deep breathing. You make think it's nothing or you can't do it because you "don't want to let your mind wonder." But every researcher in the world will tell you: "It can help!" Now I have to deep breath sometimes 3 times a day for 10 minutes at a time to stay calm & focused. The way I feel after I do it is amazing! I feel not bothered by very much which is huge in the reality we live in.

Deep breathing has helped me to let go of my past, stop focusing on my weight so much and dealing with difficult people (there are so many of them out there!!) When it comes to stress of life: I used to start shaking when something bad happens. Now after one month of constant deep breathing I am still not where I want to be meaning I am not completely not bothered. But it's surely a lot easier for me to handle things now.

Here is what you should do: either do what I am suggesting or find your own way: spend more time with family and friends, exercise more, listen to relaxing music, do whatever it takes to make sure that you are always ready to face the surprises of life.

I find the following strangely understood by me: a lot of times we die sooner because we can't handle stress. Look who lives the longest?? People who are the calmest & the happiest are usually the healthiest. From now on focus on your mental wellbeing by finding decompressing methods that work for you. And see how your quality of life improves. Hope this helps😁." Marina Amdream.

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