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Find your calling and start living

"I have missed you, guys. It's been almost a week since I have written you, guys. Why?? I am trying to get myself together by discipling myself more and stop watching all those videos so much. I feel it's my biggest hold off: watching other's staff. Now I am better, stronger, more focused and ready to serve you better than ever. So much cool staff coming out on Marina Amdream's page and all my businesses and projects. Just stay tuned:)

Today I want to talk about your calling. Do you even understand what that is?? I have learned recently what it really is and why it is so important to know what it is as soon as possible. Once you do, your life will only get started. I know my calling; my life has just begun!

Your calling is that thing you know is for you. You know it, you love it, you hold on to it, always come back to it and, most importantly you can never stop working toward making it better. Like with my motivational speaking: I am a mess. You know I repeat myself when I speak too much using "so" and weird jokes. You know that I have the hardest time sometimes getting myself out of bed let alone motivate others. Sometimes I have the worst mouth towards other people I don't like, and I have the hardest time with my self-esteem especially my looks. Take that as your worldwide motivational speaker. You may say: "Will you just shut up already??"

That's the point! Since I know deep deep in my heart it's my calling, I can't let it go. So many successful people would say to you: "hold on to your calling and never let it go." This is exactly what I am doing. I am holding it tight and for the first time in a very long time I am finally feeling like I am doing what I am born to do. And it feels amazing! I so wish the same for you!!

Find your calling as soon as possible, so you could start living your dream. If you don't know what it is, that's totally fine. It took me 31 years to find my calling - oh man, that just sounds pathetic... Sorry. But! They say: it's normal to take as long as you need to. So, let's take time!

Take that time, embrace it and use it to search, discover, try, figure it out. We all need different amounts of time to do anything. Some people take longer than others to do things. All time is a good time. We must feel blessed that we have time. If you are still on this Earth, it means you have time. Make the time. Find your calling! Please find your calling. I just want you to be happy and if you don't find your calling as soon as possible, I am not sure you can be the happiest you can ever be or can you?

The reason I know I am doing what I am born to do is because of your feedback: "I am becoming your fan!" "Thank you for telling your story to help others." After my events your have said: "You seemed very comfortable up there." "You sounded like a motivational speaker." "It was your best speech." and on and on and on. I want you to listen to feedback of others. If you do something and people love it, ask yourself if this is it: "Is this my calling??"

How does it make you feel when people like your stuff?? In my case, it feels amazing! And I want more and more and more of it. And it's no way a selfish thing: it's a way of growing, learning and contributing to the society in the best way possible. It's a way of living my truth with passion. I am living my dream, and I am working so hard to inspire you to do the same. Will you do the same for me?? Meaning: "Will you find that passion that you have brewing inside of you and use it to help and inspire millions of people??" I bet you have it inside of you. You just need to plant the seed and start growing it to a huge success like a tall beautiful bamboo tree. The sky is not limit how high you can go when you know your calling. I want you to find it asap and go out there and change the world. Come one! If I can do, you can do it! Why not you??" Marina Amdream.

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