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Forgive Yourself, Try To Forgive Them & Start Breathing Again

"How can I forgive myself for not being able to handle a pressure of coming to America all by myself at the age of 19 and developing food disorder as the only thing I could control? (9 years free from it. Praise God!) How can I forgive my brother and father for brutally beating my whole life before I left for US? How can I forgive him who left me without notice who I loved with all of me? How can I forgive people who let me down over and over? How can I forgive haters who trash me behind my back for no reason, but their own insecurities? How can I forgive millions of people in the world who cause harm? How? How? How? I am learning that it all starts with forgiving yourself. I am going to be honest with you, I am not completely there yet. And it's ok if you are not either. It's a painful, sometimes in denial, process. However, the more positive choices you make toward loving yourself, the more light you will shine on others. It's really unbelievable what I have been able to accomplish by loving my curves, temper, "a little" extra ways of talking to people, etc. It's unreal how much you can forgive, how you can start feeling better when you start loving yourself for all your mistakes regardless the outcome. The more you love, the more you forgive, the less you mess up, the more you start breathing again... I know what it's like crying on your knees thinking: "Why? Why did I deserve this?" Trust me: it gets better. You may not know the answer to why now, but later in life you will use what you have experienced in difficult situations that in the past you might not be able to handle. Please forgive yourself, try to forgive them, and start living again... You have only one life; you don't know how long of you have left... Take a deep breath right now... Will you forgive?..." Marina Amdream

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