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Freedom To Be Ourselves And Not To Be Judged

"I have travelled across the world to live in the US - one of the most diverse countries in the world. I have met a lot people. The thing I have learned after talking to hundreds of individuals from many different countries is that we all want the freedom to be ourselves and not to be judged even if we are far from perfect. We all want to be understood and like Oprah Winfrey would say: "we want to be heard." The next time someone shares with you their personal thoughts, ideas, even opinions, please don't judge them. Listen... You don't know their full story, why they share with you what they do. You may be the only person in the world they opened up to that day. Please cherish their trust. Be their brother or sister. Just by listening at that very moment you maybe making somebody's life better. I want to thank you in advance for listening. Thank you!😌" Marina Amdream

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