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How Can We Stop Aging And Live Longer

"I have been thinking today about aging. In fact, this subject is very relevant to me since I believe in the last year I aged several years faster than normal. Just look at my wrinkles in real life (not edited professionally pictures I post)... Why? Trauma of permanent abandonment by my other half, crying a lot because of it, moving, exploring a new career, etc. Well, the good news is that we may never be able to recover certain cells in our bodies, we can find ways to preserve them in the future!! It's a fascinating fact to me that healthy dieting & exercise can extend our years of living. Although I believe that we are on this Earth for as long as God wants us to be, I would never believe that God would want us to hurt our bodies (His temples) intentionally. For me personally it's so hard to live a healthy lifestyle. I like eating anything in any amount and skipping my workouts (it can explain to you my weight gain). However, I do want to live long on this Earth to make the most difference. So, I must have a serious talk with myself and decide: "fried chicken" or "fish"? "Sleeping & watching TV" or "good workout routines?" The choice I must make is obvious. Will I actually do it? Let us see what happens:) Back to you. Ask yourself why and for what do you live for? I am almost certain you have a very compelling reason. If not, set new goals and go for it! Go through your diet and exercise; learn how to do better if needed and make a lasting change in your lifestyle to accomplish your dreams. I know it's easier said than done. But as they say: "the effort what counts!" Imagine what will you do if you had a long life in front of you?? I always say: "the sky is a no limit!" Why don't you?" Marina Amdream

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