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How To Handle Being Hurt + Album Listening Party

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

"I got hurt today. In fact, I really got hurt today. I helped someone with very valuable running for office consulting, flyer design and event photo & video. They promised me to pay for my services all along. When it came down to pay for it they back down. It disappointed me so much!! I have spoken so highly about that person, and then I got hurt by her?? How is it even possible?? I got so hurt because this person was supposed to be a woman friend. Women help women type of thing. In the end it's me helping someone out of goodness of my heart and, frankly, let someone use me till I would not let them use me anymore.

Lesson for you: don't let people take advantage of you! You deserve to get paid even if it's a friend, grandma, auntie, etc. If they wished you well, they would want to pay you as much as they possibly can in any circumstance because they know how much you need it to help more people. If they don't pay or appreciate your service, it's absolutely not meant for you to keep helping them for free. Stop doing that immediately! Remember that!

So, I started practicing mindful mediation today, and, you know, it helped! I am, definitely, going to add prayer to my getting over this hurt and in the end I'll be ok:) That person lost a good sister friend for no reason. That person is better because of me. Knowing that makes me feel good. After all I did help somebody a lot!!! (even if I never got paid for it. Learned lesson).

Luckily, I had a chance to go to an amazing album listening party right after I found out that "my services were no longer needed??" (Although when they were free, they were very much needed. That's too funny. lol. Not really😬). Anyway, I learned just the other day that art is one of the best ways to be fully in the moment. Have you ever heard about that before?? That's amazing!!

Today just being among incredible artists, experiencing passion for music and good poetry made me feel so good. I felt free from worrying about someone who hurt me. I felt loved and special because I was after all VIP invited to such amazing event. I have never been to an album listening party. It was so much fun, so real, so beautiful. I loved it!

At the party I shared with someone I trust my experience with that person who hurt me in the most confidential way possible. I was told "they don't matter; don't give them that much power because you have not known them for a long time." Love this way of thinking of it!!!

On the way back home I called someone I love dearly and we talked about my today's difficult experience of being let down. So, we prayed together. That made me feel so much better: I felt so loved and supported again. Prayer does help with anything!

I feel so emotionally exhausted today. I wish what happened to me today never did. (I mean being hurt part). But it did. We all would say: "It's life." The next time you struggle with something go look at the art, talk to somebody or say a prayer and see how much better your situation will get: not immediately, but over time it will get better. It always does. Don't you think?" Love, Marina Amdream.

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