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How to talk to your partner: help them hear you

"In a relationship I find two problems: people who don't want to hear and people who don't explain themselves enough. For example, if you are trying to tell someone what concerns you, you want them to really listen to you and take it into consideration. Another example: some humans would not even say anything thinking the other person should just know. None of it works unless we are willing to tell a person we are with what we want or what bothers us and the person we are talking to really hears what we are saying. A good conversation is everything! Don't ever go to silence or brush off in your mind what the other person is saying. If you sense the concern - well, there is a concern. If you can understand what action they want you to take, take that action. Be willing to participate in a conversation; even be willing to compromise if needed. I am learning that if I want a happy healthy relationship, I must be willing to contribute to it as much as I am given. And I also must express what I want and listen to others. If your partner does the same thing, you, guys, are on the way to a long lasting union. If not, there is work to be done. Please know, the relationship is constant work. And if you want love and piece, telling the other person what you want and make sure they really hear you is a good start. Go and be happy.😁" Marina Amdream

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