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If You Fail, Does It Make You A Failure?

"This picture touched me to the core... I took it as I walking by my dream venue. On one side here I am - a dreamer with unbelievable pictures in my mind. On another side - a person probably leaving their sleeping place behind and walking the streets trying to survive just another day. I have talked closely with several homeless people in my career. Time and time again I learn that if only they went to churches, non-profits, government agencies, etc., they would get help. If they get rejected, they should go and try again and again and again. I remember one time there was a homeless person asking for money while an employment agency was right around the corner. I gave him the money and I told him: "Why don't you go and ask for a job right over there?", pointing to the agency. Guess where he was the next day? The same place asking for money. I understand that we all fail sometimes. I understand we may fail even 1000 times like Thomas Edison when he was trying to invent a light bulb. However, I don't understand not trying again and again and again. It may hurt. I know. Are you watching me trying to live my dream??? It hurts time and time again. But the reward - the win of the race is on the other side. So, please just try, kill procrastination and like Nike would say "just do it." Come on, baby. Do something with your life. You deserve so much more than you have right now. I wish you the utmost success...." Marina Amdream

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