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Inspiring story of Tommy Gault

"I want you, guys, to meet my fellow church member Mr. Tommy Gault. You know that I always use my stories to inspire you. Today I want to tell you about someone else.

What's really amazing about Tommy is that he has a heart condition that caused him to not be able to work. However, every time I see him he smiles, helps and always showers us with kind words. I love his spirit and his outlook on life. He could have given up and just stay in the house and do nothing. Instead he comes to church where he is active in classes and worship services. To me it's inspiring.

I hope we all can learn from Tommy that no matter how hard life might get, we can always find a way to adjust and use our stories to empower others. Thank you, Tommy, for being so brave and for letting me tell your story. God bless you!" Marina Amdream.

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