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Is Cold Temperature Good For You?

"Let's talk about being cold🥶I hate cold because when I was little I was always cold. Ukraine has a majority of cold months and good warm shoes/clothes and heating systems are very very expensive. When I came to the South for the first time to go to college people tell me that I was wearing a t-shirt the whole winter. I don't recall, but it makes sense. I used to it. However, not anymore. Now even a little bit of cold is cold to me. The reason I am bringing up cold is because I am learning that even a little bit of cold is good for you (consult with your doctor first). It helps boost your immune system, burns more energy and gives you overall sense of well-being. It also makes you stronger and more resilient to adversities. How do we get cold? A lot of times people take hot and cold baths, wash their faces with cold water in the morning, or go for a run/walk/hike in cold weather. I have been choosing to wash my hands with cold water over hot for the longest. Back in a day when I was growing up I didn't have hot water at all. Till the time I was a teenager I had to hit up water on a stove to have any hot water. Then you mix it with cold in a tub - that would be your bath time. Today I choose hot; I love hot; I prefer hot because I didn't have any growing up. However, I seem always make an effort to wash my hands in cold water to get myself at least a little bit of cold shock that they say can be so beneficial for you. How do you get your cold? Do you like being cold or you are a warm nature just like me? Have you ever tried hot cold bath before? I can't even imagine how uncomfortable that is (unless you get used to it, I assume). Should we challenge each other to do it? You tell me because I just want to find a great way to stay healthy for as long as I possibly can. Do you?💙" Marina Amdream

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