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It is ok to share

"I want to talk about sharing for just a few minutes. Why is that when you pour out your true self even if it's considered being negative, it is a bad thing?? Don't we all go though stuff, but why can't we ever talk about it?? Luckily, once you take time to explain yourself people, for the most part, get where you are coming from. But if you don't take that time and people read only one post, you may all over a sudden be considered a bad pathetic ill-wished person?? Well, I can tell you why. 

  I believe in sharing. I think sharing is one of the best things you can do for your brand. Being honest can hurt or help, and words have more power than you think. The help part and the power of words are the reasons why I started writing in the first place. Although it is so hard to get it right each time, once you do the impact is unbelievable. Just from writing alone people shared with me that they are hurting, want to talk to someone, and I am helping them. Also, just from my writing people expressed to me their disappointments when I did get it wrong. As you see - power of words at its finest...   If you have been following my writing for awhile, you know that I have made a conscious decision to share with you my life and experiences even if they include other people. I have to include others because we all affect each others lives all the time. How can I ever tell my story without mentioning others?? It's just not possible. Although I keep it confidential, people still make up assumptions in their minds about my stories and at times are so not happy with me sharing my truth.    It's all good. I am not perfect. I can't always get it right. I welcome feedback with open arms. What I don't welcome is threats and insults based on made up conclusions that don't reflect the reality. Please don't do that. Understand that me sharing my stories is a part of my plan, my vision, my dream and my brand. I would never want to hurt anyone even if I am hurt. I take inspirations from everything that ever happens to me. And if I used you to tell my story, you should feel honored that you were good enough to be read about by hundreds of my people. Of course, people will never know your name, but you should feel good that you were important enough for me to even write about you. Know that you being in my life for good or for bad may help someone. So, yey you!   Back to me. For the most part I love the feedbacks I am getting. I love how sharing a story in a vivid detailed way can spark a conversation, a thought and, most importantly, an action. I can't tell how many people have thanked me for sharing my stories and told me that I am doing a great job. A few people so far were not so happy with me that I even received threats. But God knows I have no ill intention, but to help people with my words.    All that being said sharing helps me get my point across, may help you relate and, hopefully, you can see yourself in my story somehow. Once you see yourself, you may say: "Hmm, I went through it. I am glad I am not alone." We are all in this together just trying to make it one day at time. Know that I am your friend; I tend to think I am a good person. Know that if you keep reading my stuff, it may take you places you could never have imagined. What is your story? Would you like to share it with us? Thank you for your understanding." Marina Amdream. 

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