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It's ok to be in depression, just don't be sad for a long time

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Picture of me in front of Tyler Perry Studios when I was on set of Steve Harvey on Watch show!!! 💓" Marina Amdream

"What do you do when you have experienced the highest of the highest and then you go back to a regular life?? In my case I fall in depression. You, guys, know how honest I am with you when it comes to my mental health struggle. According to experts they are a lot of us out here ... struggling with our minds.

What had happened to me was that I was on Steve Harvey Show. It was magical. It was fantastic, unexplainable, unreal, awesome, beautiful, meaningful, etc. All positive feelings you can ever imagine I felt it right then when I saw him, gave him a card, listened to him, clapped with him, took notes from him, etc. It was a feeling like Tyler Perry would say that was for me, and I just could not or wanted to let it go. But I had to let it go because I had to leave the room without even taking a picture... because it was against the rules..

Now what?? I am left with these amazing memories, no picture and no future opportunities to see him again at this time, nothing... How do you move on from here?? Two options: fall into depression and die or get over depression, use common sense and live. As hard as it is I understand that I must choose the former. But it's so difficult because I want more and I ain't got none right now. I want more of this experience of travel, lights, camera, action, beautiful people, learning, etc. I want more... Talking to myself: "Well, girl, and so millions of other people want the same thing?? Sit down!!"

Here is what I am doing. If you are going through a depression or the highest of the highest or lowest of the lowest moments right now, you may need this as well:

I start with mornings. It's so simple, but for me it's the best way to even get out of bed. I thank God for all my blessings, say positive affirmations to myself and review my goals. Positive affirmations is where at times I need to stay a little longer. If I am sooooooooo down right now because of coming back from Steve Harvey Show to reality, I reeeeeeally talk to myself. I say things over and over like: "I am ok; I can do this!; I can get up!" Sometimes it helps to say it loud and clear, so your body can get energized.

At times I say stuff to myself in a very command like authoritative voice. And believe it or not, if you know you are misbehaving like Mel Robbins would say: "You have to parent yourself!" So, I do. It's funny how when I do get up and start doing things I have to do, I may even laugh at my pathetic self. I know I love myself. Laughing at yourself sometimes is a good thing. Humor makes everything better. Don't you agree??

So, start with mornings. Then follow a schedule you should have and do make sure to complete/accomplish something every day. Once you do, you will feel so good about yourself.

Also, what helps me is having goals. No matter how sad I am about leaving Steve Harvey's set and maybe never seeing this man again, I know that if I continue feeling sorry for myself, I'll never achieve anything. I do allow my "awesome" pity party and even tears, but over a few days it's like: "Come on, girl!! Time to get it together!!!"

If all of it still does not work, try working out (consult with your doctor first). Working out works for me like a charm. It's a proven fact that exercising can make you feel better. If you are able, try it. And see how it can help you:)

So, this is what I do to actively try to beat my depression right now. Doing what I love which is writing makes me feel better already. Go ahead: find where your heart is and start working on that thing. It may not get you out of a bad state immediately, but it may help tremendously to even just be alive.

Stay with us!! Don't disappear in your self-destructive thoughts. Go for a walk, take action and see how the world is not that bad around you:) I had tears in the beginning of writing this. Now I have a smile. I hope reading this made you feel a little bit better. You are not alone!! I am just like you!! Will you smile for me on the other side of this screen?? Good: we are smiling together😁. Hope this helps." Marina Amdream.

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