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Just Start: Amdream Gifts Birthday Cards Collection

"You, guys, know that I have been trying to beat my habit of procrastination and starting and not finishing my projects. If you knew the old me, you would agree that I was a master at talking and not following through. Well, I am trying to get rid of this terrible trait of mine by actually completing what I said I would do. It's so so hard.

I find it so hard to do vs just saying because we are pulled in so many directions especially in the world of social media: "Oh, I have seen this on Pinterest; I am going to do it!!!" "This girl is doing that. She thinks she is cool. I can do that too!!" "I saw celebrities sell all kinds of things; I can do that too!!!" Does it sound familiar?? I have thought that way over and over, started so many projects, even worse told everyone about them and never completed them. That's just so aggravating! And who is guilty of it?? Me!!!

It's time to challenge each other to complete one project, just one! Go back to it, dig out your notes, your ideas and start working on it. Once your start, you just can't stop. The key to success at times is just to START! The feeling of finally putting your work to life is incredible, indescribable & so rewarding!! You will feel so accomplished and good, you may want to do the same with another project you kept on a back burner for ages.

Why not do it?? Come on, do it with me! I did it in the form of Amdream Gifts Birthday Cards Collection I completed a year ago and only now put them on the website for you to get to help me pay for my motivational speaking events. Please get them at You will find all kind of one-of-kind handmade cards there. People tell me: "They are beautiful!"☺️ What do you think? Please see full Birthday Collection here:" Marina Amdream.

Product Photography by Julian Jones - Emro Videos & Photos. Emro Videos or

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