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Learn To Control Yourself & Your Situations

"Let's talk about control - the thing that we all want, need and cant't live without. We want control in our lives to survive. We want control in our relationships to know we are respected, loved and supported. We want control in our careers to feel rewarded and fulfilled for all our hard work. We can handle it all because we are warriors. However, is it easy to control ourselves?? I am learning to be successful on this planet you must first learn to control yourself. Close people to me know my temper is my worst best friend - comes from my chaotic childhood. I am a work in progress when it comes to staying cool when things get heated. I like to be right; things must be always perfect, and, frankly, I must always win. Really? I think I have just described to you my imaginary paradise world that doesn't exist. What exists is me that I must tame if I want to succeed in life. After all we need people to love us, not hate us for our behaviors. How do we take control of our actions you may ask? Well, start with mediation, exercise and a balanced diet to calm your physical self. When it comes to knowing how to face challenges, arguments, deadlines, those things that can get so easily out of control, try recognizing your emotions and the bigger picture first. Recognize/focus on how feel in your "I am furious" moments. That should stop you. Even if it stops you for just split second, it will help you say less stuff you may regret about later. In your "OMG! I don't know how to handle this" moments take a deep breath and know that it will get better; you figured out tough situations before, you will do it again. In your "it has to be perfect" moments, just let it go. Know that perfection doesn't really matter. What matters is that you are doing something at all! So, yey you! Celebrate yourself more vs worrying about control. Everything is going to be ok because if you are in this hustle game, baby, you are stronger than you think. And you have more control over your world than you realize. Cheers to you! You are amazing!" Marina Amdream

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