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Leave A Mark On This Earth Through Compassion

"Today I want to talk about compassion. The word I so want to be known for. However, I have a long way to go before I can truly master it. I assume that some of the words I am most known for are (or made up by haters for): anxious, depressed, at times angry, suffering, curious, comparing, negative, poor, at times happy, etc. But what if you and me were most known as compassionate....

I truly believe that accolades won't matter, having millions of dollars or social media followers won't matter in the end. Just being nice, kind, listening, open, sacrificing, sympathetic, giving, helping, etc. matter. These are the words that I associate with compassion and so wish to be " famous" for. What about you?

What matters to you? Being rich or kind? Being famous or giving? Eating caviar with avocado toast or eating rice and bologna for a year for breakfast, lunch and dinner (have done that) and being able to dedicate your life to helping others. That's life! That's a reward!! That's an accomplishment!! Don't you think?

When you have a minute today think of what's important to you. Where is your focus? Is it on self-gratifying things and experiences or is it on making this world a better place through compassion. I hope the former. From what I am learning from ancient studies that have been around for thousands of years that choosing to be compassionate (and all those words I associate this word with above) is the only way to greatness. You want to leave a mark on this Earth?? Choose being compassionate and see if you can truly make a lasting change in your life, in your relationships, your community and the world. Why don't you?" Marina Amdream

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