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Let Good People In, Let Go Of Bad People, Use Your Time Wisely

"I truly believe that you attract people to you at the right time and at the right place - good or bad. Good are to help us succeed; Bad to help us grow.

You, guys, know that I meet a lot of people, and it's amazing to me how people don't realize that I can see exactly why they are in my life. I don't play to lose. I am out here in these streets to win!!! Good people I accept; bad I learn to let go. I see people through in the first few seconds I talk to them. The problem with me is that I have a hard time letting you go if I "like" you and you "don't like" me. There are several people that I keep reaching out to when they completely ghosted me. I need to do better at that. Here is what I can do:

I can say to myself: "I am doing great. I am at a good place. I don't need them. Their loss. I am amazing! I am worth it. I am not "Beyonce" yet, but I will be!!!" Of course, it's exaggeration here, but saying it makes me feel better. So, I say it and keep going. The funny thing is that not a lot of people let you in their thought process. I let you know what I think because I know it can help you! Aren't you tired that everybody is so scripted and so "perfect"?? I love real. I live for real. I am building my brand on realness. What else is there to discover??

Now about good people. I love you! I want to be like you! I hope I am... I want to help like you! I want to give like you! I want to learn and be kind like you! Good people help me move up in my career, and they won't go unnoticed when I make it. I hope to take along with me as many people as possible who paved the path for me. My come up is happening. I feel it, and it makes me feel good:)

Here we go with your judgment... Let me say back at you: "Your come up is happening. Can you feel it?? How does it make you feel?? Good??"

I can't wait to impact lives of millions because this is what I am born to do. I feel it. I know it. I am living the proof that is possible. I was not born to be an accident that is better to die because they are useless. Heck no! I am born to shine, and you are too!

Know that you are amazing! And don't let anyone tell you different! Let people in your life who wish you well!! Let go of crappy ones. And start living your dream right now! Manage your time wisely because we all don't have that much time on this Earth. What are you waiting for?? Get up and fight this good fight of success!!! Your time of transformation starts now!!! Can you believe it?? Why not you?" Marina Amdream

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