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Listening To Rain, Thunder, Storm as a Form of Mediation

"It's time for me to be more and more real with you, guys, on social media, not just at my events. Would you like that? Do you think it will help you knowing that you are not the only one struggling with something I may as well? Do you think it can help you learn how I deal with it, so you can too? There are so many reasons why I am a motivational speaker. Struggling with bad anxiety is one of them. So many factors contributed to it: domestic abuse, coming to the unknown US at a very young age, not handling the pressure of an American college in a different language, perfectionist in me, a family member leaving me 8 months ago, career demands, being an introvert, loneliness and much more. Well, one of the ways I deal with it when I feel like I am about to explode is listening to rain, thunder, storm or waterfall sounds. One of the very good counselors from Wisconsin taught me this tip. I am so grateful for it!!! I just close my eyes and listen to sounds on YouTube I like for as long as I want. If you are struggling with similar issues, try it. It may help you. (Consult with your doctor first). Let me know in comments below how you are dealing with all what life makes us go through. One thing we must remember is that taking care about ourselves is crucial to our success, so we could help as many people as possible. What do you do when you feel anxious?😌🌺" Marina Amdream

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