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"Hundreds of people have told me "no." Hundreds of people listened to me, gave me hope & then crushed it... But I fall and get up; I fall & get up. I fall & GET UP... I make mistakes time after time, and I correct them. There is nothing that can surprise me. The life I have lived - I am made of iron... My feet were cold in severe winter my whole life in Ukraine because I could never afford good shoes; I had to walk miles & miles in Ukraine because I never had a car. I was hungry most of the time because the food was scarce. I have never seen an airplane up close, but every time I look up the sky, I saw my dream of coming to the United States. I came to America & what have I discovered... It's hard here to build a dream like anywhere else in the world. I have learned that it's easy to start in America anything, but because the competition is so brutal, it's hard to survive, it's hard to win, it's hard to be the best.. You want to be the world's legend?? You have got to work!! So, I lost myself in the midst of the unknown. I wasn't ready at 19 for what was to come. But like Eminem would say: "I had to go to that place to get to this one!" Now I am found because I have a new purpose. I am strong! I am resilient! I am disciplined! I must believe that I can achieve my dream to help as many people as I possibly can. Like Eric Thomas would say: "I can! I will! I must!" You??? Drop the 🎤 ..." Marina Amdream P.S. Picture was taken at Youth Take Over Motivational Night.... Thank you! Just thank you...

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