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Meeting Barry Switzer - A Real Human Story

"I want to tell you a story, so like The Wendy Williams Show would say: "Grab a snack and come on back." I have been telling you that I have been fascinated by monks lately. As a matter of fact, now I really want to go to India to find the real truth why I am here and what I am supposed to do with my life. I wrote the other day to you, guys, about the importance of choosing love instead of hating. And the next day, just the next day I meet this extraordinary man - Barry Switzer (who now follows me on Twitter😳). I had no idea who he was before I met him. When he was telling his story during his Saracen Casino Ground Breaking speech he mentioned his coaching career, but I really did not understand the magnitude of his accomplishments and contributions till I got a chance to talk to him. He mentioned in his speech that he "influenced hundreds of people." His words captivated me. I started thinking if only I got a chance to ask him: "How did he do it? What did he really mean?" I could not wait till the end of the program, so I could ask him this one question. Long story short I got my chance! Again, I had no idea who he was. All I knew he was "some kind of coach" (sorry☺️) who must have been important since he was a speaker at such an amazing event. I got so lucky that I got a chance to ask him not one question, but two! Before I tell you all about them, let me point out that we connected through a sole human experience, not celebrity and fan, rich and poor, important and a nobody experiences - just two human beings talking about meaningful subjects of life. Oh, how beautiful a human relationship can be!!! Makes me so excited thinking about it.... Here is what I asked: "How do you influence hundreds of people?" Here is what Coach Switzer said: "Coaching is about taking young men and developing them to be productive citizens for the next 40,50, 60 years of their life." So so good! Can you only imagine how many lives he has changed with his knowledge, experiences & wisdom?? Fascinating!! I also asked him "how to be successful?" Paraphrasing: "Be nice to people, and it will come back to you." WOW! The day before I taught you about love. The next day Coach confirms this truth! Unbelievable!!! After the conversation we took a selfie, and I asked him how can I send him the picture. He said that he used Twitter (follow him:)). He went on Twitter. I saw he has 99K followers!! I read his description: what??? He was a coach of OU Sooners & Dallas Cowboys. I was like: "Dallas Cowboys??" He was like: "Yes!" AND he showed me his Super Bowl Ring!!! You, guys, he has won Super Bowl and I had no idea who he was!!! I surely felt pretty ignorant, but what I loved most about this whole thing first, because I saw a real Super Bowl ring for the first time in my life (jk). I loved that we had a conversation about the truths of life without having to have a barrier of fame, status, education, etc. That tells you like Oprah Winfrey would say: "We all want the same thing." We all are connected by the same basic desires for peace, love, happiness, fulfillment, etc. I want you to know that. I also, want you to know that you can be anybody you want if you believe in yourself and work hard. Coach Switzer is from Crossett, AR - and look at him now - one of the most influential people you would ever meet! I hope this story has inspired you to dream big, go further, work harder and help more. You, me, anyone has only one life to become our best selves and make the most difference. Are you going to sit back and do nothing or will you start right now no matter how old you are, how you look like, how you speak or wherever you are. If no one believes in you, I do! It was NOT an accident you have read these words today. I hope you enjoyed your snack. Oh, sorry - this story☺️" Love, Marina Amdream

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