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My Meditation Journey

"My meditation journey has been rocky. Sometimes I get into it, and then I get tired of it. Well, I am in "in" stage again. lol. Lately every morning, sometimes throughout the day and in the evening I have been making an effort to meditate. Let me tell YOU: I feel calmer, want to talk less (which if you know me is a big deal), more disciplined, more confident, love life more, etc. I can go on and on about the benefits of meditation, but the main one is an ability to deal with rejections. When two huge elected officials and a famous bureau let me down within two days because I am "not important" enough for them, I just want to quit, hide in a closet and never see anyone again. However, like someone would say: "What a way to live?" So, I have got to live! I have to find a way to move forward no matter how people "like you or don't like you." You can't please everyone. But I believe you can try to love everyone as hard as it can be. I meditate now again, so I could handle life no matter what it throws at me. I am on this Earth only one time. Why not to make the best of it? Shall we?"☺️ Marina Amdream

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