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My Modeling Dream

ATTENTION, dreamers! This is my modeling application. I need your help to share it as many times as you can because if you don't, I'll never get noticed by any modeling agency or brand because I am too old, too short & too fat according to the industry standards. I have been wanting to be a model my whole life. Today with your help I want to prove the world that it is possible no matter the odds. Unless I get a lot of shares and likes fast, unfortunately, no one will pay attention to my dream for years to come. Please help!☺️

Here is the application I have just sent in to a local modeling & acting agency. (And yes I found courage to say it just like that😰):

"Have done modeling and acting for my own brand & events;

Have performed in community theater plays,

Have performed at my motivational speaking events.

I am "old" and "fat" food disorder survivor who finally is living her dream of being a model. I always thought you have to be a certain weight & height to be one. Now since my performing career and social media presence is growing at a speed of lighting, I am proving that it is possible to start acting and modeling at any age. I have inspired thousands of people to do the same so far. I hope to inspire millions with your help☺️ Thank you!"

Thank you, guys! Now let's dream together!😁" Love and Peace, Marina Amdream.

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