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No matter how hard it may get, it will get better

"I am so hurt you, guys. I am like shaking. But you know me. I always try to find a lesson in everything. And I always try to share it with you. I can't go into details because it's not my nature to bash anyone. But after careful consideration I have decided not to come to the club for my Birthday Party & Performance. Why? Don't even ask. All I can tell you is that I am so confused about the whole thing like I have never been so confused in my life. When one person says one thing, the other - another thing that's what it is "confusing!" I have worked so hard on establishing myself in the society that if you don't fully want me, I just must let you go because there will be so many other people who will welcome an opportunity to work with me with open arms.

You, guys, have been following me for years. So many of you have come to my events. And I thank you! You know that I am worth something. And if people don't believe that, then we should not be around each other. All is well though. It all is a learning experience. You can't please everyone. It reminds me of my very first test in American college that I got F for. (College turned out to be harder than I thought). And then I graduated Cum Laude. My first college I graduated Summa Cum Laude. Same here: my very first attempt to be on a club stage even if it's just for my Birthday is clearly an F. Let's see what is the end of the story will be. All is well!!

I may never fully know why it happened to me. I am grateful for the experience. For just split second I felt like a performer, and it felt so good. It just did not mean to be. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. And I want you to believe that as well. We are going to be ok!!! Everything is going to be ok. Maybe not right now, but it will be in the future. This whole thing only motivates me to work even harder and prove everyone who does not believe in me wrong.

I always thank all thousands of you on all my social media and web-sites for your continuous support. One day we all will kick it in a huge arena. Why not to dream big?? It's just part of our success. It's just part of our story. It's just part of our legacy... May God Bless You and Your Family!" Love, Marina Amdream.

P.S. I may just perform on Facebook LIVE for you, guys, on November 9th. Thank you so much for your support!!! Love, Marina Amdream.

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