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One Thing You Can't Return Is Time

"One thing you can't return is time. To tell you how much time I have wasted feeling sorry for myself, daydreaming, procrastinating, sleeping, scrolling mindlessly social media or youtube videos, watching TV, thinking about other people and comparing, starting projects and not finishing, being afraid or doubting my self worth, etc. is an understatement. Only when I made an effort to use my time like I am going to die tomorrow my world has changed from darkness to the light that "shines bright like a diamond." I want you to ask yourself right now: "How much time do I have? Should I do something or keep throwing my time away for good?" The answer should be: "No, today is the day I am going to start doing better! Today - not tomorrow; present moment is all that matters!" Are you feeling that feeling that moves down your throat, your heart starts beating faster and you know you are about to burst into taking an action that will change your life. I know how it is. Just make it last, baby. Make that move hard, and make it last forever... You have the control. Take it!" Marina Amdream

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