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Open Up The World Of Books

"I find it very hard to read in English language because I didn't start learning it till I was 17. At times I have to look up up to 10 words per page in a dictionary. Imagine lying on a sofa comfortably trying to read the most amazing self-help book and then pause - dictionary break... Read some more... pause - dictionary break. And this cycle seems like will never ever stop. Sometimes I cringe thinking: "Oh, not again - then an unfamiliar word like "undaunted."" A lot of people question my teaching efforts or intelligence. To them I say: "Try to read in huge volumes in a different language." One thing for sure it will do to you is to make you think, learn and grow. Another reason I find it hard to read for me is my struggle with anxiety. If you have ever struggled with a severe case of it, you will notice that it is hard to concentrate and the words in a book get blurry. Sometimes I am able to read only a paragraph at a time. However, since I am embarking the motivational speaking career that requires a lot of reading, I have been working on managing my anxiety. I feel like I am back in college (I graduated from my second one 9 years ago). To help myself read more I meditate and listen to rain sounds a lot. I like smells of good candles and a lot of alone time. You don't have to do what I do. Find what works for you:) Since I have been managing my anxiety (and at times depression signs), I have been able to read a lot more. Reading makes me feel good, accomplished and ready to write helpful speeches, posts, etc. for you, guys. One thing you could do for yourself is discover the world of books especially if you are struggling with something. It's not only going to educate you a lot, but it will calm you down and help you switch your focus from the negative to something you are actually interested in. I hope this helps you a little bit. I hope you are excited to start reading more. What will you discover in books?"😁 Marina Amdream

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