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Pray For People You Help; Pray For Success

"After every event I get so overwhelmed. I question my intention, my focus... I question was it good enough to help somebody. I question what's next. After everyone leaves I make sure to say a prayer for people who came, for my success and for God to keep using me. 99.9% of time I am crying. My emotions get the best of me. I am experiencing the climax of love, excitement, anticipation and stress... I feel like an exhausted, but rewarded winner who is ready to get up in just a few minutes and fight again and again. This good fight for better humanity is never over. Are you with me on this? Someone said if your dream doesn't make you cry, it's not big enough. Does your vision make you feel something like an unexplainable ecstasy you want so much of? Your addiction to achieving your goals is stronger than anything that comes your way. You feel like you are so much bigger than your reality. You feel chosen by God because we are all chosen to make a difference. You don't know why you. But it's you, and you take all of it in like a drug that you must have to heal as soon as possible. More, more, more... Feel it; want it; work for it; hit it hard like that's the only option to survive. "It" is success that you want so bad - your life depends on it. Back up the legacy you are building with a prayer and watch wonders take over your life. The stars are shining your way so bright; they blind you and people around you. But you are ready because you are doing what you are born to do. You can't question God. You are here to make history. Will you..." Marina Amdream

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