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Push through fear to succeed and be happy

"I am a master at feeling fear. I feel fear when it comes to my unknown future, pleasing people, being talked about or being judged, making a living, making deadlines, losing things or people, experiencing change, failure, lack of self-love and fulfillment and much more. How do I even function you ask?? Well, that's called life: you have to...

When I was younger and I had my mother making all major decisions for me it was easy. I was as brave as one could possibly be. When I left my country and my mother and came to America at the age of 19 all by myself my bravery slowly started to decrease. I think my severe case of anxiety developed from losing a very strong case of bravery. What do I do now?? The answer is always: live, adjust, adapt, pray, ask for help, figure it out...

Why do you think I am talking today about fear?? Because I found in life in order to be successful and happy you must push past fear. For example, you know how much fear I have when I go to big cities all by myself with no back up plan?? I just go!! People try to talk me out of it all the time: it's too expensive, you won't make it, blah, blah. I don't listen to them. I listen to my gut. And you should too!

Sometimes you just must act against your fears. (Do use common sense though!!) Some may call it "talking risks," some - "crazy," some "faith in yourself or God," whatever. Sometimes you must just do it. The more public I get the more fear I get which is so strange, right?? Maybe because I don't have a plan B: meaning I don't have a huge family or inheritance fund to back me up. In my case is pushing through fear or losing. Which one do you think I'll choose??

I am figuring out for myself and I want to share with you is that the best way to survive when you are afraid of a lot of things, first, take care of your health, of course. Second, you must find your gift and act on it. After all the fear I have experienced in my life (like walking through dark streets to get home for 21 years of my life or fear of surviving all alone among 330 million people) I somehow always come through.

I believe it's because I know what I want, I am blessed to know what my gift is finally in my thirties, and I am just a survivor always working toward my dream. My dream is to make it: help as many people as I can with my gift of writing and speaking. If I keep feeling fear, how can I possibly help others?? I must always find a way to deal with this awful feeling if I want to move forward in my career, my vision, my life. I wish the same for you!!

Yes, you might be as fearful little thing as me. But I know that deep deep inside you have what it takes to move past it. Not because I know you, but because I know you are human!! Humans have been through so much in history: being afraid of fighting, but surviving it; being afraid of diseases, but finding cures; being afraid of hunger, but building efficient plants and farms, etc. We can learn that in history people did not let the fear stop them from making the world better. I am not letting my fear stop me from contributing as much as I can to the world. Why should you??

I know you may have fear in you. But I know that courage that you have can conquer anything that comes your way! You are more powerful than you think. People in history have managed to live past fear over and over. Why can't you and me?? What would you do next if could push through fear?? Why not to figure it out starting now?" Marina Amdream

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