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Push Yourself A Little More: Anxiety Talk

"Today I want to talk about about anxiety - that thing that makes you not want to go to public meetings. And when you are at a public meeting you have to absolutely force yourself to talk to people. And when you finally make an effort to talk to people, people tell you: "You are too much. You talk a lot; slow down!" If they only knew: "I am struggling over here. Can you give me some credit for showing up and not choosing to confine myself to bed?" Although no one ever cares how you feel, I know you do! Does it sound familiar? Great, than you are just like me☺️ It gets worse because every time before you go to a meeting you always have to fight this feeling of not wanting to go because you think to yourself: "Oh not, not again. These people. So many people🤯" Then you start taking control of your brain and pushing yourself to go anyway. The results? Extraordinary networking opportunities and even meeting a notary and signing divorce papers right then. Everything I described is what I have to go through when I am attending an event that is not mine. Maybe because of lack of control, feeling awkward that comes with meeting new people and just fear of the unknown. When I was younger I was a lot better at meeting new people. But after being let down so much by so many people I met at networking events, I just don't know how or even afraid to trust people anymore. Can you imagine coming to any social gathering knowing in advance that someone will hate you there just for being you? That's "encouraging." How do you even deal with that? I wish sometimes I could just hide at home and never have to go out again. Ask any introvert or a person who is battling an anxiety or depression. They will tell you: "That is so true!" But it's all not the way to live! God made us around people, so we must find a way to talk to, work with and help people. What is the way? Frankly, just having that authoritative conversation with yourself and making yourself doing it. Today I made a HUUUUUGE effort to attend Women Influencers meeting, and let me tell you: "It was informative, sweet, productive and even life changing (since I did sign my divorce papers there today with a mobile notary)." And here I am: "Absolutely did not want to go to this meeting!!!" Was it awkward? Yes! Was it nerve-racking? Yes! Was I talking too much too fast at times? Yes! However, I made it all worth it by making a conscious decision to change the way I think/the way I prime myself and what steps I take. So, the next time you are anxious, take the steps that help you move forward, and not backwards. Sometimes do what makes you uncomfortable. And in the end do what may not make you happy at first, but if you make an effort to get out of your comfort zone, it will make you the happiest person alive. Don't you want to be that? Be happy, live life and don't be afraid to push yourself a little further each and every day😁" Love yourself, Marina Amdream

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