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Push yourself to do more each day

"It's 10:27pm right now and guess what I would usually do?? I would watch Keeping up with Kardashians, Ellen Degeneres, Wendy Williams or Late Night Shows. They are lovely if you are have achieved a lot in your life, or you are comfortable with the way your life is. But NOT when you are a loser, not happy, not growing, not giving enough to the society, etc. Think: what are you doing right this second?? Is this worth your time or you know you are wasting time??

What I am trying to do right now is to push myself to write another post for today. The posts are write are hard!! They take a lot of my thought and concentration in a foreign language, research, meaning, constant proof reading, writing a summary quote, finding the right picture to go with it, color grading the picture and then posting it. It takes a lot of my brain effort that I have not used in a very long time. The last time I was working this hard mentally was 9 years ago. 9 years later the way I comprehend is a whole different story. Can I even keep doing this??

It's hard to push yourself to do the uncomfortable!! It's a lot easier to watch YouTube videos or scroll social media. I am so guilty of both!! And then my accomplishments according to my standards are close to none. Whose fault is that?? Mine!!

Now I am trying to do something again that takes so much of my energy which is excel in everything I do. Boy, it's not an easy task. But I did it before when I made only 3 Bs in two colleges I went to. You know what it took: focus and hard work! Then life and useless marriage happened. My brain atrophied. I established a reputation of being stupid for the first time in my life. Now I am trying to prove that I am smart and that I can sell my products and services?? "Girl, sit down!" - you may say.

No, I won't!! I have been sitting and sleeping for a very long time. If I sit any longer, I would rather die. I am getting this momentum to push myself further than ever before. It's difficult, but others have done it. So, why can't I??

Why can't you?? Why do you or me choose an easy less rewarding task every time?? Human brain is in a protective mode that does not want you to "suffer" being uncomfortable - that's what it is!! Are we going to let our human side win?? Or are we going to take the greatest tool that we know which is our mind and use it to the best of our ability?? Of course, the former!!

I am here trying to use my mind to make myself do things I would not usually do: write twice as much, study twice as much, work twice as hard. It all starts with pushing my mind beyond my imagination: doing more, less daydreaming type of thing. You or me must do a little more each day. The reward is winning, succeeding, awards, personal fulfillment and, most importantly, lots of opportunities to give back.

The next time you want to waste time watching something mindlessly ask yourself if you pushed yourself hard enough today or just got by and yet another day. You must go to bed feeling accomplished. If not, try better the next day. I know you can push yourself. I am doing it right now. All successful people have done it. Why can't you and me?? Let's do this!" Marina Amdream.

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