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"Lately I have been learning a subject of beauty. You, guys, know that I have struggled with weight, food disorder and just overall self-acceptance for years. The more I learn the subject of beauty, the more I realize the beauty starts within, not on the outside. If you feel good inside, love life, you will love yourself and the way you look. If you are happy and like Oprah Winfrey would say "your cup runneth over," you will radiate your beauty from the inside so bright, people will start complementing you. Lately I have got so many compliments in spite of my weight gain that I look good. I truly believe it's not because of the way I look per say, but because of the way I feel. I feel good because I live in my purpose of helping billions of people on the planet with my knowledge and experiences. Find your purpose, and you will start feeling good over time. Once you feel good, you should be able to love the way you look. Again, beauty starts on the inside. I hope and pray you found your purpose and you feel good to feel beautiful. Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" Marina Amdream

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