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Show people you care and they will care about you

"I have been wondering today why some people have a very huge support and some don't. I have been wondering why some people get to you, tell you how great you are in your face and then still not support you and better yet talk badly behind your back or copy you. Basically, I am wondering how to inspire millions of people to really care about what you do... Well, the thought I am pondering on today is what if we show people we care on a consistent basis. I truly believe then they will care back and support every endeavor we attempt. Although it maybe hard to get people to care about you, it's surely not hard to show you care. Start showing you care by checking how someone is doing, really listening, complementing, giving, showing up at people's events, booking their services and most importantly thinking well of a person and wishing them well in your mind. We are human. I am human. We are imperfect. I am imperfect. However, we can all perfectly care just a little more. Don't you think?" Marina Amdream

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