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Some Of My Favorite People On Earth

"Some of my favorite people on Earth: when I was down on my knees from a love of my life abandoning me on October 15th, 2018 they picked up, gave me money for food I did not have and cared for me ever since till I got on my feet. Look at God!!! I am so greatful☺️" "It's amazing to me how when someone "dies" in your life, God sends you someone else who loves you for who you are with all your imperfections, lack of emotions control, discipline, accomplishments, etc. When God blesses me with people who build me up, I want to give back with all that I have left in me to you. My form of giving to you is sharing my story and knowledge to help you go through difficult times or even happy times when it may seem like too much. I hope that me sharing my personal stories with you helps you feel like you are not alone. Because you are not!! I pray right now with you that it's going to get better - whatever it is! Know that this pain you are feeling will pass; not at first, but it will pass. It took me about 9 months to start functioning normally after someone left me. How did I do that? I found a new passion to help people using my gifts. I don't know any other way to get over the bad times. Find your passion as soon as you can if you want your life to get better. Believe in yourself: know that deep deep inside you are stronger than you think! Wipe your tears, pick yourself up and start doing that thing you really love. Switch your focus from disappointments to something that gives you joy. Over time the pain will pass and you will start being yourself again. AND you may even start feeling better than ever before: you will feel free and ready to move on with your life. You will pat yourself on the back thinking: "WOW, I really went through it?? I am amazing!!!" Take what you went through, turn it into a lemonade, start living, start giving, appreciate little things, ENJOY your life... You are the one who is a part of your own book. Are you going to finish writing it or you will give it up? Don't give up! Open up to new possibilities. Today is the day you can become great! Why not you??😌" Marina Amdream

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