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Stay Calm And Be Nice In All Situations

"Today I want to talk about those moments when we are able to keep our cool even in the most aggravating, frustrating and confusing situations. It's so hard at times to stay chill when the world seems is turning upside down right in front of us. How do you keep calm, so the situation doesn't get worse, but gets better? The more "important," "respected," "noticed," etc. I get in the society, the more my circles change. What I am noticing is that the majority of people with high statuses know how to control themselves even in the most difficult situations. How do they do that? Of course, because of all different reasons. However, the most valuable reason, I believe is that they can find the strength to separate themselves from the immediate pressure and are able to recompose themselves almost immediately. That way they don't sound stupid, act like a child, show ignorance, etc. What an amazing trait to have!! I am only learning now how to do that by recognizing how I feel and telling myself to "stop," "everything is ok right now" or any other positive affirmations to prevent me from blowing up. Have you ever noticed that highly respected people don't argue at least in public? Why? Because as humans we tend to turn to the first the most comfortable response which is anger. However, highly respected people seem to make a conscious effort to stop themselves from acting like fools. They can behave well even in the most unexplainable moments that try their control skills to the max. So admirable! Just the other day I blew up on my soon to be ex-husband lawyer when he was just doing his job. In reality I spilled all of my frustration of not being treated right by my ex on this poor attorney. My initial response was terrible. However, although the damage was already done, I was able to recompose myself and reminded myself that everything will be ok. After I cooled down I was able to have a civil conversation with this lawyer who turned out to be very helpful. That being said, just try. Try to examine the situation first. Remind yourself of a bigger picture, talk to yourself, take a deep breath, do whatever works for you. Basically, do your very best to be a bigger person. It will not only tell the person you are in the argument with that you are of a noble character, but it will also help you move up the corporate ladder because people will want to work with you. Be nice, be cool and stop yourself from being angry before your anger stops you from achieving your goals in life. People want to be around nice folks. Are you more on the nice side or the mean side? I believe, you are nice! Just work on being nice all the time:)" Marina Amdream.

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