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Take Responsibility For Your Actions

"How about responsibility? You heard me. This word that I am not the best fan of to this day. Why is that so hard to take responsibility for our own actions? Is this the way the world works, the way we are taught or the way we teach ourselves? I would say all of the above, but mostly the last one. For example, I have blamed everybody and every circumstance around me for my former food disorder: people left me, college was too hard, I was in an unknown foreign country, etc. And although all those things played a huge part in it, have you noticed where I am in this picture? I have never mentioned that I was the one who was putting food in my mouth, and I was the one who was putting fingers in my mouth to make myself throw up (sorry for the graphic). That being said should I take a little bit of responsibility for my actions? Of course, I should. It will not only help me get over my pain of regret, but also forgive myself and help somebody else with my story. What about you? When was the last time something happened in your life and you blamed the government, spouse, friends, etc.? Are you really honest with yourself or you are faking it? Realize this: taking responsibility is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of strength. It's a lot easier to blame everything and everyone else, but yourself. However, it's a lot harder to say: "You know what? I screwed up! I am going to learn from this and become better because of it." Are you going to become anything if you just say: "They made me do it! I am innocent. I am right. Bye, ya'll!" It maybe nice to say it, but no lesson learned, not yours or other parties involved lives changed. Everything stays and will stay the same. Are you sure it's the way? The danger of not taking responsibility for your actions and acting like, frankly, a child is that you are prone to do it again and again: I mean ending up in similar situations where nothing is ever resolved. How will it make you feel in the long run? I can assure you never happy. You will become a forever victim, the world will turn grey around you, and you will live your life like it's a constant war, not a sunshine beach we all would want to experience every day. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes other people are, in fact, at fault. However, think of those times when you could show your strength a little more. Be a person of a noble character who thrives to accept mistakes and learn from them, and not the person who feels sorry for themselves and aims to hurt other people in return. Blaming others is not the way. Loving yourself for who you are and other people as they are no matter of mistakes made in life is. Which way will you choose, "your majesty"?" Marina Amdream.

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