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The Energy Vibrations You Send Out Matter

"A lot of people don't know that my first degree is in ecology I have never used (long story). I think it's time to dig it up from my closet and go back to science basics that I used to love so much: super exciting! Back in a day chemistry was my favorite subject. I have no idea how to translate into English language chemistry terminology because I never studied it in English (my American college accepted credits from all my biology, physics and chemistry classes from my Ukrainian college - thanks God! It would be so complicated to study it in US, ya'll!). In case you don't know, English words are so versatile: one word in one industry can mean completely different thing in another. Learning in a different language is so hard. You will never know unless you try. The next time you think I am less than smart and not serious, think of how much I had to study to graduate from an American college!🙂 Back to the point. We are made of 50 trillion cells. I can say clearly in English that we all send out energy, made from energy and can control energy. That's why there are such expression as "good vibes" and "bad vibes." Once you learn how to control and understand your and others energy vibrations, you can start operating better. If "the universe is a machine" (Isaac Newton), then we must be aware of how parts of it function. Once you know the parts, you can make better choices and be more prepared for what's going on around you. The next time you are angry or "don't like" somebody, know that you send out bad waves of energy that will affect your relationships and desired outcomes of your success. I know it's hard to get along with everybody (I am human, and I have people that I am not fond of). However, it's possible to love more people now than before you learned this notion. What energy are you sending out into the world? Can you imagine if more people were sending good vibes?? The world would be less violent, poor, sick, etc. Please send as much positive energy vibrations as possible. Just by doing that you will make not only your life better, but you will make a substantial difference on this Earth." Marina Amdream

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