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The "Magic" of 100% in Success

"Today I want to talk about the "magic" of 100%. Everyone knows that 100% of anything is the most desired outcome. We all compare everything to 100%. However, we may not thrive to achieve that number in every day life. We tend to believe that 100% is hard to acquire; it's a perfection trap that makes us stressed and at times stops us from doing anything at all. I want to ask you what if it was not the case? Meaning if human mind is powerful, we could develop to engage it to it's most fullest potential. Some may argue it's not possible. However, I believe we can get as close to 100% of using our thoughts, discipline, experiences, emotions, creativity, goal achievements, exercising routines, studying, beliefs in ourselves, etc. as possible. What's on the way of hitting 100% in anything every time? Stress, bad thoughts, self-doubt, laziness, procrastination, unhealthy foods, trauma, etc. As we develop more coping mechanisms with every day life such as deep breathing, following routines, writing, learning, etc., we can get closer to living our fullest lives with closer to 100% of anything. So, the next time you are thinking about your life ask yourself: "Am I 100% in everything I do? How can I change to get closer to this so much desired number? How can I care to take an action not only better myself, but my career and relationships around me?" As you ask yourself these questions and you are being very focused, you will engage right (responsible for emotions,etc.) and left hemisphere (logic and details,etc. ) sides of your brain using logic and emotions one after another. You will have a full whole heart experience with yourself. Open your mind to the answers you come up with, write them down to remember if you need it, and start taking steps toward getting as closer to 100% of anything you desire as possible. What will you do with your 100%?" Marina Amdream.

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