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There is no reason to blow things out of proportion

"Have you ever blown out anything out of proportion?? I mean, have you ever?? I am a master of doing that. In fact I am such a master at getting too angry or just freaking out that I am having to start research this topic, so I get better at controlling myself.

What I am actually learning that it is totally possible to prevent yourself from going downhill. How do you do that?? There are many ways. One of them is to remember what is the task at hand. The task is never making yourself so angry or nervous that even your own body does not like it. The objective is always finding solutions, compromises and ways to handle things in a calm rational manner.

Here is what I do: at times I just stop myself, sometimes I walk away. I talk to myself a lot, write, make or watch a video, take a deep breath, close my eyes, work out, study or just work. I find when I make a conscious effort to not blow things out of proportion they don't!!

My questions to you today: "Do you want to be always right or mentally healthy?" "Do you want to find a solution or worry yourself to a sick feeling in your stomach?? I am sure your mental and physical health are far more important than winning an argument or having a nervous break down. So, please think before you slam doors, yell or shake from a severe case of anxiety. Find a way to calm down that works for you. Do that because if you don't, you will never be content. I am learning how to be happy. I want you to be happy as well!!!" Marina Amdream.

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