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Things We Say To Ourselves In Our Minds

"I want to talk about things we say to ourselves in our minds or even out loud. Someone said that if people knew what's in your head they would say you are crazy. Let me tell you: "You don't want to be in my head! lol." The reason I wanted to bring it up today is because I want you to take time to take a good look at your conversations with yourself. Are they nice or are they mean? Are they uplifting or "petty party" style? Productive or "let me sleep a little more, I'll do it later" - the former one is my battle every single day: I love sleeping because my brain gets really tired from thinking so much in a foreign language. Sleep is my way of remedy, but I must find a way to do less of it to do more for success:) Any ideas?☺️ Anyway, if you are fully aware of what you are saying to yourself, you are most likely to stop it or change it. Choose better thoughts that make you happier, not more miserable and more of a loser. You have control of words that reside in your head. Use this power to make your life more meaningful, fulfilling and giving. The more you take charge of your thoughts, the better you can do, you will be better and help others better. Don't you think it's an amazing thing to know? After all you are the boss of your thoughts! Go get them!" Marina Amdream

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