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Things You Say To Yourself

"I am not sure, you guys, have been following all my posts. But if you go back and read some of them, you will read that I kept talking about people letting me down over and over. Well, guess what? Two "close" people let me down in the same week last week. Is it their fault? Well, if we look at it from their action standpoint - maybe. But as I keep teaching you to focus on yourself first, let's say that it is maybe my fault. I am the one to blame because I kept bringing up what negative happened to me in the past repeatedly. And it occurred again. Why did I choose to focus on the sad? I thought about it at that moment, and I wanted to share it with you to, hopefully, like Ellen DeGeneres would say be "relatable." Nothing wrong with sharing. What is wrong with the way I shared is that I kept sharing the same negative experience of people letting me down over and over. My focus was all on that instead of what has been good in my life. Lesson learned:) From now on think intensively about every word that comes out of your mouth in speaking or writing: good or bad. If you say something you did not mean, analyze it and try not to say it again. Don't repeat something that is not good over and over. You may bring it on yourself again. And we, certainly, don't want that. I hope it helped you a little bit today to justify the fact that you should always be aware of what you say to yourself and to others over and over. Don't over do it because if it's unwanted, it may happen again. You attract what you speak/think about. Did you know this? Best of luck to you, and always keep your head up!" Marina Amdream

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