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Treat people with kindness

"What I am learning is what I say matters. What I am learning is that at times people take what I say so out of context or like to misquote me. It affects me so much that I stop writing, lose my focus or desire to help people with my writing. Luckily, my passion for writing is so strong that no matter how you try to take me down, I always come back to you even stronger than before.

Here is what haters need to know: "You don't pay my bills, so, frankly, I must not care about what you have to say." I know that I want to get noticed by a publishing company one day and in order for me to do that I must practice my writing daily. If you think it's to easy, try to carry out a thought that sparks interest and may actually help somebody. If it was so easy, everyone would be a well renowned writer. Only a few can figure out the magic of words. I am only figuring it out...

...I want to talk today about this idea of treating people with kindness. My ex told me one day that one of many reasons he left me was because of "the way I treated people." Was I an absolutely horrible person who should be in jail by now?? Of course not. But did I care enough to always be kind to those around me?? Unfortunately, not.

I am learning that the way we treat people depends a lot on what kind of lives we live. Obviously, the life I had with my ex was not the best for me and what we know now - not the best for him either. How could I be the kindest on the planet when I lived in a household with a lot of restrictions due to a conservative nature of his career?? To this day I was never considered very smart even though I have two college degrees plus I learned another language from the alphabet. I get it though because I don't have Master's or Dr's degree. Sorry😕 And I assume that my only purpose in his family was supposed to be a childbearing womb. I have a total respect for men who choose conservative careers and want their women just to be stay at homes wives with children. It just was not for me. So, over time I turned bitter. I wonder he divorced me. I would divorce myself. lol. Sorry: I know it is not funny.

I would not have any friends, visit his side of the family or even just go out of the house very much. He did not know or cared to know what was wrong with me although I tried to tell him. Obviously, I was not smart enough to tell him well: meaning find the right words to explain what was bothering me. So, I hid myself in my video business, Periscope or Facebook Lives creating this perfect digital universe that was my true escape from the reality. I developed social anxiety that I have to this day. I totally lost myself in my thoughts and other people's dreams on the Internet. And then this came...

I had what some would call "an epiphany" when someone broke into my car in my driveway for the second time last year. (I don't recall telling you about it in writing yet. I did mention it my speech once). It was my breaking point. I remember I said to myself: "I didn't go to two colleges to live in an unsafe neighborhood." I started a very slow change in myself. I just got up and started, basically, doing stuff even just cleaning the house every day. (I believe positive effective action cures all!! Try it!!!) Just 3 months later his divorce papers appeared on a kitchen table- not exactly the change I was looking for. But according to the universe it was a necessary change for me to change, change my life, my relationships and my career.

Today I am free at last to just be happy. And as I am happier I treat people better. I get out of the house more to socialize. I even started creating social events to remind myself that it is ok to get out and meet people. It's ok to be kind and nice to people. It's ok to change for the better and start living again and serve.

My message to you is if you are bitter right now, you can change. Change, so you could treat others better. From my experience is not that easy because being angry and negative can become a nasty habit. However, once you try to smile more, listen more, hug more it's not only going to make you feel better, but others around you will better as well. After one year of actively working on myself I am proud to say that I have at least two friends, have done almost two dozens of events and it makes me so happy. The happier I feel, the better I treat others. I hope, I am better. You may know me. Let me know if I am any better now than a year ago☺️

Let's treat each other with kindness and see how our lives change for the better. Shall we??" Marina Amdream.

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