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Why Is It So Hard To Be Successful?

"Imagine me saying it with more and more emphasis as I repeat this: "Why is this so hard?" Why is this so hard?" "Why is this so hard?" What I am referring to is why is this so hard to finally become successful. I think I have done it all: met a lot of people, read a ton, practiced hours, believed the most and I am still not where I dream to be... Why is this so so hard??? Well, the way I respond to my own confusion is that these endless efforts & obstacles prepare me to fit in where I am supposed to be. Someone said that "opportunities don't come to you until you are ready." And there is a point to it. If I gave you millions of dollars right now, millions of fans and all things you have ever wanted without you having to work for them, would you know how to handle all of it? Would you know how to make the best out of it without losing your mind and a sense of fulfillment and happiness?? It feels good to accomplish something because you know how hard you worked for it. You appreciate the value of the accomplishment more if it didn't come easy to you. If it's just given to you for free with no efforts to get it, humans tend to not cherish it that much. Does it sound familiar? Imagine you cook for hours a Thanksgiving meal and your family loves it and thanks you for it - you feel so good and rewarded. Imagine you just bought it from a caterer and the family loves and thanks you for it - will you feel the same feeling of accomplishment as if you cooked the meal yourself for hours? Of course, not! Imagine you build your company from the ground up - you know it all: you can handle the responsibilities, haters and pressure. Imagine someone just give you a multimillion company right now, will even know where to start?? You'll feel overwhelmed and at times helpless. Success is similar to two examples above. You work for it: you'll love it. You work for it: you'll become strong and tough to handle pressure and responsibilities. You don't work for it: you don't value it as much and you may fail in the end. I hope some of this makes sense. Think of success is a journey not a destination (a lot of people say). Savor every moment of it and know that when the right time comes, you will blossom like a beautiful white rose. As for right now it's time to hustle and believe that one day, ONE DAY ALL of your hard work will pay off. Believe that! Believe in you! Believe in your efforts! Believe that no matter how hard the road to success really is it's possible to become victorious because other people have done it. Do you think you can do it? Why can't you?" Marina Amdream

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