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Work hard to get noticed and you will!

"THIS WEEK I finally reached 1000 likes on Marina Amdream's page and 3000 likes on Arkansas Amdream's page. All the hard work is finally "paying off." The "funny" thing about it is that I have not figured out how to make money out of these likes to make a living. Do you want to donate to Cash App $MarinaAmdream, so I could eat well? lol. On a serious note, I just want you, guys, to know that I get so much satisfaction from just doing what I love, and knowing that someone even a little bit pays attention makes me so happy. Thank you!

I spend hours and hours on writing and looking for guests hoping one day to get noticed. Getting noticed will help me carry my good message across to help a lot of people. A lot of you may not see the point of what I do, but what matters to me is that I see it. If you think that I would do all this for no reason like some people say "just to get famous," then I must be delusional. I do it, first because I love it and then because it is helping somebody. Not all of you tell me all at once that it helps, but a few do and that's what makes me keep going.

I remember I talked to someone the other day, and he said: "You lit up when you talk about it!" I was talking about writing. I told him that I wanted to be English major in American college. I did not know that when I got a scholarship I could choose a degree. In my country if you get a scholarship, you get it for a particular degree. In America you get the money for any degree you want. Unfortunately, the way it worked out was that the person who helped me go to US college chose a degree for me saying later: "I thought it would be good for you." I am grateful for his help, but it was not good for me. It's just was not. It's another topic of a conversation. Long story short I have two degrees I don't care for. How much sadder can it get??

Now all these years later (10 to be exact) I am finally living out my dream of learning English and practicing it the form of writing, speaking, reading, researching, teaching, etc. If you have known me for a while after I graduated, you would imagine me just to work in business because that's what my American degree is in. I have tried and tried business. And as of right now I am not that good at it. But writing... Even if like my college professor would say "my grammar needs work," people say I am a very good story teller. I believe, I got from my mom who has two Masters degrees where one of them is in Russian.

The funny thing about it I never cared about Russian language to start writing a lot - maybe because it is so so complicated. To this day even I am confused what ending to say. English is so much easier, and once you learn it the sky is no limit where it can take you. Also, in Russian language in order to be considered a good writer you have got to know so many different words. Forgive me, but maybe because Russian has more letters in its alphabet it just has so many words for one meaning. It blows my own mind.

For example, in America for the most part you may call a loved one a "baby," "sweetie" or "honey." In Russian and Ukrainian I can list at least a dozen common words used all the time to call a person you love which makes it very difficult to use to write. Also, don't forget we change words to sound nicer, smaller, kinder, etc. using different endings which can make one word into a dozens of others. Yeah, I know it's hard to grasp even for me. Nothing is wrong with any language. It's just you want to sound understood when you write in the best way possible. Russian complexity intimidates the heck out of me. English doesn't. Sorry, but it's true.

So, without realizing it I became a writer, story teller, speaker, video creator, whatever you call it. I said to someone the other day: "I am finally free to say what I want. It's like I held it in inside for so long. And now I burst with words and ideas, and I just can't stop. And to see, you guys, respecting my hustle by reading what I write and watching my videos makes me so happy. Thank you so much for your support! Without you I would never be where I am today! Thank you! To many more viewers, likes, followers, etc. Thank you for being with me and being there for me." Love, Marina Amdream☺️

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